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Independent Nation Online - May 12, 2014
Interview with Greg Vezina,leader of the newly registered political party, "None Of The Above"

Independent Nation Online - May 12, 2014
Donna H. Cansfield, retiring MPP, and Paul Bell discuss Provincial and Municipal elections

Independent Nation Online - April 28, 2014
MPP Soo Wong and Councillor John Parker, speak about TTC, Property Tax, and functionality of elected officials. (Municipal & Provincial)

Independent Nation Online - April 14, 2014
Eroding Canadians’ Democratic Rights! (BILL C-23)

Independent Nation Online - March 10, 2014
Canadians should do what they can to not end up with another term of wasted opportunities!

Independent Nation Online - February 24, 2014
Knowing that our political system is dysfunctional, what stops Canadians from participating in the electoral process?

Independent Nation Online - February 10, 2014
Is it right for the Canadian banks to divulge their customers’ private and financial information to the IRS?

Independent Nation Online - January 27, 2014
Should non-citizens be able to vote in 2014 Toronto municipal election?

Independent Nation Online - January 13, 2014
Why should you, Canadians, take part in electoral process?
The stakes are high! Run for office.

  For those who chose not to vote:  
Eligible Voters in Toronto – Centre
Nov. 25, 2013 Toronto – Centre By-Election voter turnout

Main Parties' Candidates Votes  
Chrystia Freeland (Liberal Party of Canada)
Linda McQuaig (New Democratic Party)
Geoff Pollock (Conservative Party of Canada)
John Deverell (Green Party of Canada)
Dorian Baxter (Progressive Canadian Party)

What does the above numbers indicate?
  The Elected Liberal Party Candidate, who will represent the Toronto – Centre riding for the next two years, was voted in by less than 19% of eligible voters, and by not participating in the 2013 by-election 81% of the electorate in this riding agreed to pay taxes without being represented.
I congratulate all four mainstream parties, their respective candidates, the mainstream media, and some of the organizers of "All Candidates Debates" for their joint efforts to keep their constituents in the dark about their choices, eleven to be exact.
Kudos to all of you, LPC, NDP, PC, and Green, who have successfully suppressed the democratic process and deprived Toronto – Centre citizens of being represented in Ottawa. Hooray!

November 23, 2013 Key Candidates Debate at

Thank You
Toronto – Centre
Bahman Yazdanfar
A Canadian Immigrant Independent Candidate.

I hope to see you all in 2015 Federal General Election

Dear Elector,

  If you want someone who will represent whatever you believe and never say it's not quite as possible as your government dictates… Then elect an Independent.

  If you want someone always willing to fight for you, at any time, for as long as and wherever you want… Then elect an Independent.

  If you want someone who will never obey a party leader, doesn't care about cheap politics, and can stand next to you as you move on… Then elect an Independent.

  If you want someone who is content to get your vote just to protect your interests and whom you can recall if the job isn’t done… Then elect an Independent.

  If you want someone who never criticizes what you do, doesn't discriminate if you are a liberal or conservative thinker, young or mature, who listens to every worthy word you say, and defends your rights unconditionally, persistently, consistently... Then elect an Independent.

  BUT, on the other hand, if you want someone who will never be there when your rights are violated, ignores you because of his/her party’s policies, leaves a mess behind all over the community, does what the party leader says, and only collects a salary and fat pension, and behaves as if your entire existence is solely to ensure the prosperity of the party’s ideology and prosperity... Then elect a candidate from the mainstream parties!

   Voting for candidates from the mainstream Parties, NDP, Liberal, Conservative, and Green, in this By-Election makes no difference whatsoever in the balance of power in the Parliament for the next couple of years. The only MP that can bring positive changes to this community is an Independent MP. Remember, you have every right to vote as you see fit, and you have every right to have confidence in your judgment and vote independently.

November 19, 2013 interview at

Raising the bar on democracy.

Dear Non-Voter!
  I do sympathize with you when you don’t want to bother to vote.

  I understand that you are among those in the majority who choose not to vote for one or more of the following reasons:
  You believe that voting is a waste of your valuable time.
  You feel that you don’t want to be responsible for the MP’s wrongdoings.
  You don’t see any useful outcome as a result of your participation.
  You dislike or even in some cases hate the way politicians behave and feel they treat you unfairly.
  You have no hope for a better future either for yourself or your children.
  You see the election process as a total waste of tax-payers' money.
  You pride yourself on your decisions and decide not to waste your vote.
  You are sick and tired of unfounded promises that are given to you at election time.
  For all the above reasons this is the time to exercise your right and get inspired.

  Your Votes Count.  
Canada’s voting population
24.25 Million
2011 voter turnout
14.72 Million

Elected MPs’ votes  
Elected Conservative MPs’
4.38 Million
Elected N.D.P. MPs’
2.37 Million
Elected Liberal MPs’
0.57 Million
Elected B.Q. MPs’
0.06 Million
Elected Green MP
0.03 Million

What does the above numbers indicate?
  Elected Conservatives, who formed the majority government after the 2011 General Election, were voted in by only 18% of eligible voters. And if 100% of MP's agree on any given bill, this just represents 30% of eligible voters in Canada.


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