A place where Independent Canadian Thinkers take back their rights.

Voters Echo Online - June 20, 2016
Lawrence McCurry
Are Canadians being deprived of their fundamental rights, Freedom of expression?

Voters Echo Online - May 30, 2016
Sinclair Stevens & John Richardson
of the Progressive Canadian Party invites independents to join them!

Voters Echo Online - May 2, 2016
James Alcock
Toronto's transportation problems and ways to end the traffic gridlock!

Voters Echo Online - April 5, 2016
Jessica Lauren Annis
Why our Governments jeopardize the common-law rights of Canadians by following the UN's Agenda 21?

Voters Echo Online - March 29, 2016
Bahman Yazdanfar
Canadians' Choice, a constituency-based Party, with a bottom-up approach to engage citizens!

Voters Echo Online - March 15, 2016
James Pasternak
Toronto City Councillor for Ward 10 speaks about TTC PLANS, POLICE BUDGET, and ROAD TOLLS!

Voters Echo Online - March 8, 2016
Lawrence McCurry, Robert James, John Berling Hardy
Why just a few get ticked off when they see Your Ward News, a community political-satirical paper?!

Voters Echo Online - February 23, 2016
Dr. Barbara Perry
Hate crime against communities in Canada.

Voters Echo Online - February 16, 2016
Marlene Lynn
Is HPV vaccination necessary? Do our governments collude with Big Pharma?!

Voters Echo Online - February 9, 2016
Paul Fromm
Freedom of speech and the Canadian Charter of Rights!

Voters Echo Online - February 2, 2016
Don Chapman & John Richardson
Discussion on flaws in the Canadian citizenship law!

Voters Echo Online - January 26, 2016
John Berling Hardy
How sustainable are governments amid the recent global economic change?

Voters Echo Online - January 19, 2016
Patrick Balson
The mainstream media and the freedom of speech in Canada!

Voters Echo Online - January 12, 2016
Gilles Bisson, MPP(Timmins - James Bay)
Speaks about The Ontario Liberal Government's Policies!

Voters Echo Online - January 05, 2016
Aasia Khatoon, Ron McNaughton, Kuga Kasilingam, Kabirul MOLLAH
A Discussion With 4 of 20 School Trustee Candidates for TDSB Ward 21 By-election!

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